Turnstile System - Trilock 60


Simple, yet robust in design, the Trilock 60 waist-height turnstile system is one of our most aesthetically pleasing crowd control solutions. Suitable to cope with moderate volumes of traffic and handle abusive conditions, - this tripod turnstile operates efficiently and reliably. In situations where crowd control is a priority, this is a flexible and convenient choice.

The Medium Capacity Tripod Turnsitle System

For any location that requires effective crowd management, a tripod turnstile system slows traffic down and facilitates closer monitoring of ingress by staff or security guards. While the turnstile can be used for one-way traffic, typical traffic flow is two-way, one direction at a time. Users must pause and take turns before proceeding through the turnstile.

Taking Security Outdoors

This outdoor tripod turnstile system is compact, yet strong and allows you to construct multiple lane set-ups. Further flexibility is offered by allowing you many opportunities to level up on your aesthetics and order this entry solution in your brand colours or branding – to compliment your secured areas perfectly. The standard stainless steel components are built to last and to ensure even the toughest climatic conditions.

Reliable And Trouble-Free

The sturdy construction and simple mechanisms that constitute this entrance solution, mean that service and maintenance are reduced. The tough materials used also mean that the turnstile guarantees a long lifespan. The combination of these two features means that you are left with an economical product which will serve you and your valuable visitors for long-run.

Suggested Segments for Turnstile Systems

  • Leisure / recreation
  • Transit
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Entertainment venues

More Information

Please take a look at our range of revolving doors, security doors & portals, speed gates, tripod turnstiles, access gates and full height turnstiles to complete your entry.

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