Revolving Door Repair


With now over 140 years of experience in engineering excellence, we at Boon Edam have had time to develop our services that focus on you, and the sustainable lifecycle of your products. Employing our own dedicated service and maintenance experts we continuously develop in-house technicians and engineers to make sure that you receive the best possible service, with minimal product downtimes and a maintained high-quality investment.

Prioritising and Protecting your Revolving Doors

With the entry being the busiest area in your building, the continued operation of your revolving door is vital. Undertaking regular service and maintenance can prevent unexpected hardware and software breakdowns, and assist in prolonging the life of your products.

Boon Edam’s international service network is experienced in the effects the local conditions have on the wear and tear of your entry solutions, and we offer specialised service and maintenance contracts that correspond to those conditions perfectly.

Our maintenance options are tailored to your specific requirements, and take into consideration the type of equipment you have installed when recommending which maintenance agreement you will require.

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