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What is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is a way of working within a 3D common data environment BIM enables collaboration between the construction, design and architecture industry. It provides building project teams a way to manage information in one place, throughout the entire project lifecycle. It has opened a world of structured teamwork. Involved parties work more efficient, reduce rework and have lower costs.

What are BIM objects?

A BIM object is a 3D visual representation of a building component, such as Boon Edam products. You can see it as a building block which can be placed in the building project. Boon Edam offers 3D BIM objects of our entire product range to help you in the specification and design process.

How BIM objects help Reduce Costs and Increase Sustainability

A BIM object is more than just a visual 3D model. It also covers other dimensions as time, cost, construction and safety. You can place a BIM object of a revolving door into your building project. You will then be able to immediately manipulate the revolving door to fit the design of the façade and lobby. BIM Objects are rapidly becoming more popular, for various reasons. The industry is already evolving from 3D models to 4D, 5D and even 6D models. Each upgrade includes more information about the product. They can be described as follows:

3D: the basis, concerning ground penetration, safety and logistics.
4D: Adding time to the 3D. Assisting project planning.
5D: Adding costs (materials etc.)
6D: Adding sustainability, life cycle, energy consumption etc.
7D: Adding facility management information

These added layers of information will help to manage the entire building life cycle. And that is next to working together in one environment and avoiding double work.


BIM objects by Boon Edam

BIM objects are available for our product family, from revolving doors to high-security portals. This opens new doors to convenient specification.

Next to the visual image, a BIM object also contains critical product information. It covers all Boon Edam options, which are immediately available to configure and order.

  • Width variations
  • Height variations
  • Depth variations
  • Available colours
  • Burglar options
  • Glass options
  • Stereovision

Boon Edam BIM objects are configurable and adjustable in size. There are endless possibilities to which you can adjust your BIM Object. The combined options of standard parameters to which the product is available will give you millions of options to choose from.

Boon Edam BIM objects are currently 3D and available in .rfa and .ifc format. .rfa is suitable for Autodesk Revit. Request and receive a ZIP file of one of our products and insert it into your AutoCAD Revit project.

BIM Object Parameters for Entrances which are often overlooked

Air curtains

Insert a revolving door BIM object into your Revit project, and you will see if the revolving door will fit the façade of the building. An often overlooked, yet critical detail is whether you want air curtains. Air curtains are not a standard option in a BIM object. If the height under canopy (HUC) is too little, you will need to factor in some space on top of the revolving door. In practice, the HUC of the revolving door is mostly delimited by the height of the ceiling. When there is simply no space, this will result in a clash later in the construction process. If you have doubts where to place your air curtain, please contact your local entry expert for the best solution.

Access control accessories

The design of the access control accessory you will install is important. Why? Not all access control devices are installed within the product itself and require a pedestal or mount. Third party security integration options can be manually fitted upon our Boon Edam BIM objects. Contact your local entry expert for help on your project.

Where to find Boon Edam BIM objects?

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