From The Key Benefits of Upgrading Your Manual Revolving Doors to Fully Automatic

Boon Edam Blog | December 2020

Manual revolving doors are popular entrance solutions. They have a long history of being more cost-efficient, less dependent on mechanicals and can be space-saving.  However, these historic innovations have evolved over time, meaning that they can now appear to be less user friendly, slow, difficult to push and more recently, a key physical touching point within buildings.

So, it is easy to take on the mentality of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but the aim is to maintain and develop with current user expectations. If you upkeep and gradually modernise your manual entrance, you reduce the risk of having to eradicate something, which can be costly and time-consuming.

This is where automatic revolving door upgrades become incredibly valuable. And we are here to give you full visibility on all things relating to door upgrades:

The Key Benefits of Automatic Revolving Door Upgrades

Automatic doors offer plenty of additional benefits when compared to their manual counterparts, so businesses’ stand to gain from making a move from manual to automatic doors. These benefits include:

  • Touchless
  • Ease of use
  • Better traffic control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Enhanced disabled access


We have talked a lot about the benefits of touchless solutions the past few months here at Boon Edam UK, with one of the most prominent being that many of our entryways, including our automatic one’s, are naturally touchless by design.

With the continued need to reduce contact on surfaces and keep them clean as a result of Covid-19, upgrading your manual doors to automatic is one of the best ways you can reduce the need for contact for both your staff and visitors. Automatic doors offer a touchless solution for all which significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Ease of Use

When it comes to entrances, users want access quickly, and they want it easily. Upgrading to automatic doors can significantly enhance the ease of use of your entryways as they eliminate any need for the user to interact with the door directly; simply approaching the door will allow it to open.

For office environments that rely on security measures to limit access to specific areas, automatic doors allow you to incorporate features such as card readers and biometric scanners, which not only greatly increase the levels of security but also provide an easy to operate access solution to staff.

Better Traffic Control

For those with buildings that often handle high levels of pedestrian traffic daily, such as those in retail, enhancing traffic control wherever possible helps ensure users can access your building easily. When your goal is to encourage people into your store and for them to remain there as long as possible, making the journey into and out of the store as painless as possible is key.

Manual doors slow down the throughput and can be the difference between an individual wanting to enter your store to simply walking by if they see too many people waiting outside to get in. Upgrading to automatic doors helps significantly increase how quickly people can enter and exit your store by allowing for faster throughput of people.

Energy Efficient

One might think that automatic doors are an additional energy cost to consider. Yet, science has shown us that upgrading to automatic doors is far more energy-efficient than using manual doors.

For example, automatic revolving doors allow for tighter airlocks between compartments, which help keep the hot air in when in use. Automatic doors also ensure the door remains closed until access is needed, further helping to keep the building warm and reduce heating costs.

Enhanced Disabled Access

When it comes to access, upgrading your manual doors to automatic also allows enhanced disabled access. With the Equality Act 2010 stating that businesses have “a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people,” incorporating automatic doors can help ensure you meet these adjustments accordingly, as well as ensuring your business is truly open to all.

Upgrading your Manual Tourniket to Fully Automatic

Upgrading your existing Boon Edam revolving door with us could not be simpler. Take for example the manual Tourinket, ‘The Original Revolving Door’. Configured with three or four wings depending on need, the Tourniket offers basic functionality as a manual revolving door. However, we also provide the ability to upgrade the Tourinket to its fully automatic option.

Our dedicated Retrofits and Upgrades team will work with you to ensure the installation is carried out safely and meets your exact needs. This process begins with an onsite risk assessment to prioritise this safety, as well as the erection of safety barriers around the installation area.

The next step is to either remove the existing manual handles and fill those holes with screws and caps or replace the glass completely. During this step, new door buffers will also be installed. Once this is done, the revolving door set will then need to be removed while the automatic upgrades are put in place.

To allow for the Tourniket to operate fully automatically, our retrofits and upgrades team will then remove and install a new ceiling for the revolving door, complete with all the necessary components for automatic operation, including the drive plate, motor, sprocket, NPN switch, slip ring and control box to hold all the required electronics and wiring.

Next, a vertical post will then be installed inside and outside of the revolving door, which will house the necessary buttons for operation, as well as the control panel itself.

An automatic door also requires the use of an automatic sensor, which will then be installed on both the inside and outside canopies.

The final installation step then involves finishing all the wiring and reattaching the removed doors and ceiling panels. Once complete, a full customer demonstration will be offered to the customer.

Upgrading your Manual Crystal Tourniket to Fully Automatic

Our all-glass revolving door, the Crystal Tourniket, is also available with an upgrade option to fully automatic through our retrofits and upgrades team.

While installation is similar in some respects to our standard Tourinket, upgrading your manual Crystal Tourinket will require our retrofits and upgrades team to cut out a hole in the floor during installation. This is necessary to house the drive box, as well as effectively install conduits needed for the cabling to power the automatic door.

Our team will begin by removing the doors and matting to allow for the necessary hole to be cut out. Once complete, the next step will involve installing the drive box and all the necessary cabling. At this point, we will also remove the existing manual handles.

With the drive box successfully installed, the next step will involve adding the vertical buffers, activation sensors, as well as the inside and outside posts which hold the necessary buttons, such as the stop and disabled access button.

Once this is completed, all that is left to do is finish the wiring and reattach the doors and ceiling panels. Upon completion, the customer will then be contacted for a full customer demonstration.

Upgrade your manual doors to automatic today

For more information on how our range of automatic entryways can help transform your businesses’ entrance, browse our range of automatic doors, or contact us today.

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